Friday, November 16 - Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sponsored by members of the Kansas City
Fiber and Weavers Guilds


WooWoo Works


WooWorks tatted jewelry uses an old lace-making technique in a fun, new  way to create super elegant, light weight, unique jewelry. 

Shuttlecraft Handwovens


Shelly Trewolla enjoys working with color and pattern with these cotton  hand towels.  Each color combo has been woven in three different  patterns, with some color variations. 

Designs by MadMegh



Original designs handcrafted from vintage kimono by Meghan Rowswell

Helen Nowak


I learned to knit from my aunt at age seven. I taught myself how to  crochet and other needle craft. This is my latest endeavor - Estonian  Lace.  

Matthew Nowak


 As a Forester I am deeply invested in the natural resources; so,  spinning, weaving, and woodworking just seems natural. I even made the  loom on which I weave my shawls. 

Mary Anne White


 My beads are made of paper, starting as a collage printed on heavy  paper. Each bead is unique, brilliant or subtle colors, which surprise  me.  

Threadology by Karen Neal


Handwoven treasures and handcrafted gifts. Beautiful shawls, scarves,  hand towels and more. Fiber Art creations featuring hand dyed fibers,  fanciful thread art and quality craftsmanship. 

June’s design


Each piece is designed and hand made by artist.  One of kind, beautiful and elegance, wonderful for many different occasions.  

Winona Thorton


 I weave on a triangle loom blending historical techniques with modern fibers and colors to create one-of-a-kind wearable art. 



Phyllis Carlyle of PhyllisCreative returns with fine hand knit  accessories, original jewelry, some featuring vintage watch parts, and  snack mats useful as mini placemats and microwave hot pads. 

Be Weave Me


 “Be Weave Me”, I love what I make.  Hand Woven, Hand Knitted, Hand  Dyed.  I thrive on the joy I receive from using my hands in my creative  process. 

Keener Art


 Fiber art with a twist (and a knot…). Texture and color take center  stage in all my creations. Fabric, textured yarns and colorful buttons  mingle in my free spirited scarves. 

Facebook-Keener Art

Spellspun Yarns


 Leslie McLaughlin of Spellspun Yarns creates ethereal hand dyed and  carded fiber blends in bat ts and rolags; and enchanting one of a kind  hand knitted hats and scarves.

Mostly Weaving


Handwoven Baby blankets in over shot patterns. Soft and cuddly. Completely machine washable and dryable.

Japanese Temari


 Japanese Temari by Lolly Buxton
During the Edo Period, women of the Royal Court began to stitch brightly colored balls for girls to toss. Today they represent a  highly valued and cherished gift for auspicious occasions.

Alpacas at Orchard Hill Farm


 I raise alpacas and have their fiber spun into scrumptiously soft,  unique yarn. With the yarn I crochet hats, scarfs, etc for your warmth  and enjoyment.  

Treasure Goddess Yarn


 Treasure Goddess Yarn features hand dyed luxury yarn that takes your  breath away. Christine Long Derks' dye techniques and saturated colors  mean your projects look just as gorgeous all knit up (& crocheted up  & woven up) as they look in the skein.

Silk Reflections


 Nature inspires me to create designs on fabric through eco printing and  natural dyeing. I work with several different fabrics that can be worn  or used as home decor that reflect the beauty of nature. 

Silk Reflections - Hand Dyed Silks

Rebekah Foote


I enjoy using  color and texture in different ways while making functional pieces such   as shawls, scarves, dish towels, table runners and wall hangings.  

Kathryn Worley


 Look around. Witness nature’s glory. Using plants, insects, nuts and trees, I transfer nature’s bounty into wearable art. 

A Jolly Yarn


 A Jolly Yarn: book bindery, yarn spinnery, printshop, dye garden,  surface-design. All one person? What? It's about keeping your fire  burning. And puns.



 Bonkers Handmade Originals is a purveyor of exceptional hand-dyed spinning fiber, yarn & knitting patterns for the fiber artist who doesn’t do “normal”. 

J & S Malgadey Creations.


 My quilts and hand embroidered and some are hand quilted and some are machine quilted. Here you see the whole quilt and then a couple of close-ups of the hand work. Each quilt is one of a kind.

Vickie Hover

Vickie Hover makes elf and holiday figurines to add to your personal decor

Vicki Hover make elf and holiday figurines to add to your personal decor

Danny Smith


Danny Smith creates hand crafted vessels, fiber tools, and accessories.

The Pumpkin House


 Cheryl Davis of The Pumpkin House tries to challenge the boundaries with unusual and bold  color combinations.  

 The Pumpkin House

Julie Reed Designs


 Original designs are laser cut, stitched and assembled from a variety of materials including wood, metal and acrylic.

Diane Dory


 I am a weaver and jewelry designer. I work with all types of fibers. My  jewelry includes loom beading, bead embroidery, metals, stone and  glass.  

Laurie Mellenbruch


 My designs are of Fused glass , mostly dichroic. Each contemporary design is unique,  and enjoys wonderful color changes as you wear it. 

Th'Red Head Designs


 Knit original garments and accessories with color and  textural emphasis, utilizing yarns hand dyed and hand spun by the  artist. Also hand dyed and hand spun yarns for fiberistas.

Black Water Treasures


Lorry McDonald of Black Water Treasures creates gorgeous unique handspun yarns, hand dyed mill-spuns, rovings  and felt from fiber produced by our critters or purchased locally to  supply your fiber needs.

And Many More....


So Many More...